For those interested in our activities

What we do
@The main objective of our research is the superconductivity. We always try to be different from other groups doing condensed matter research. The most active research work is the local magnetic measurement using micro-Hall probe and magneto-optical imaging techniques. With these sophisticated experimental tools at hand, we study vortex states of high temperature superconductors and magnetic domain structures of novel magnetic materials. We also put emphasis on the material developments. All the crystals we study in our lab. are grown by ourselves. We also explore new superconductors having unique properties.

Who will be happy in our group
@Since our research is based on state-of-art experimental equipments, which are not available anywhere else, those who are eager to improve these equipments as well as develop new systems are welcome. As the history of condensed matter physics tells us clearly, the discovery of new superconductors opened up a new field of research. We always try to pursue such directions.

How you can apply
@We do not have steady budgets for postdocs. So, those who wants to join our group have to apply fellowship of some kind first. One of such possibilities is provided by Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS). Application is possible twice a year. Check the web site "".